‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go’

– Dr. Seuss

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Our Passion

We are a creative, young community passionate about the endless possibilities of reading, knowing and exploring.

We know that the power of the imagination can engage the mind, increase curiosity and change the world.

Imagine We Rwanda is an organization that was born in 2015 with the passion to change the reading culture among children and youth in Rwanda, and give a voice to young authors. We believe that all stories are beautiful and worth sharing with the world. So, why not start with our own communities.

Our Work

We publish storybooks about Rwanda.

We donate books to schools in need of a beautiful library.

We train authors and language teachers.

We create platforms for self-expression and creative thinking.


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Representation changes everything


When children see themselves in books, their creativity and curiosity is boosted, they learn faster and they are more prone to succeed in their classes.

Self-esteem, especially for girls

African children need to see themselves doing great things so that they can believe in their own endless potential and possibilities. The more books portray them as powerful and beautiful, the more they can achieve greater things

Language Skills

Through a growing passion of reading culturally relevant and positive stories, it is proven that children and young adults develop their vocabulary, eloquence and language skills.

Expression Platform

Imagine We designs and curates platforms for authors, bloggers and budding writers to share ideas and grow their network. It is through such platforms that ideas grow and change communities positively.

Our Latest Release

The Boy Who Cared

Stephen Harris & Dolph Banza

The Boy who Cared is the second book in the Rwanda Village Tales series. This second book is the story of recovery from challenging circumstances - and recounts the two decades of family restoration after being forced to flee their country. The story shows how a mother's caring for her family, taught her family to do the same for all people. It is a refugee story full of hope and love.

My Name is Life


Karen Bugingo is a normal teenager roaming the streets of Kigali. Bugingo means Life in Kinyarwanda. Her story seems quite usual, almost boring, until a series heartwrenching events tear her from her friends, her school and life as she knew it. This is the journey of her courage to fight back and the strength to look death in the face and say "My name is Life."

Ysolde and Her Magical Shoes

Dominique Uwase Alonga

Ysolde and Her Magical Shoes is a Rwandan fairy tale written by Dominique Uwase Alonga. It tells the story of young Ysolde and her journey towards courage and compassion. When a villainous character is kicked out of Ysolde’s vilage, she leaves a curse on one of the paths in the village. Ysolde must find the strength to use her magical shoes and break this curse to save her village.



Oh Rwandan Child

Peace Kwizera


Kelly & Dominique



Mahoro is a little girl growing in Rwanda. in 1994, at just nine years old, she tries to make sense of the world around her and her family as it turns into endless chaos.
Mahoro is a heartfelt, poignant, unconventional story about a girl coming of age and realizing herself to be a mix of two struggles. Being neighter one nor the other; stuck in between without a choice. Is she the victim or the culprit? We watch her as she sorts her way to understand her family's history and decides to what extent she will allow her past to shape her destiny.

Paul Book: Escape to a Strange Place

Dolph Banza

Escape to a Strange Place follows the story of a curious little boy in a world of books, adventure and learning from a giant. Paul Book: Escape to a strange place is the first of series of books with each book taking you on an adventure of it's own. Suitable for all curious children between ages 6 - 13.

Dance at Akagera

Imagine We

Rwanda's first personalized book for Children between ages 0-6. The book follows them in Akagera surrounded by wild and funny animals. Dance at Akagera is a print on demand book that features the name of your child through out the story letting the child to be part of the whole adventure. It comes in either one of these three languages; French, English or Kinyarwanda.

Voo-Gah Language Card

"Voo-gah Language Card is a tool for non-Kinyarwanda speaking people in the country, most especially tourists who are around for a short time, looking to engage with the locals or easily find their way around without constant assistance."

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